Deepening cooperation with the higher education institutions of Turkey

The working meetings were held with Turkish colleague on May 4, 2018 for the raising
awareness about the "Academy of Education” within the Turkish university area. The
Georgian delegation was led by Professor Gocha Ochigava, the main host was Nevshehir
Haci Bektah State University (Cappadocia). The Parties agreed on the collaboration forms
and shared to each other their opinions on specific ways of establishing close relations.
Vice Rector of Nevshehir Haci Bektah University, Professor Fatma Karipjin emphasized the
importance of the fact that the diploma of "Academy of Education" is recognized by the
Turkish Ministry of Education. The meeting was attended by the heads of various faculties
of the university. Among them were deans of Education, Tourism, Architecture and
Engineering, Theology, Computing, Economics and Business Management Faculties.
Discussions focused on students’ and professors-teachers’ exchange projects, involvement
of Turkish professors in academic publications of "Academy of Education", participation of
Georgian students in short-term educational and practical courses on the base of the
above-mentioned Universities, also on the legal issues of recognition of diplomas issued by
both parties. One of the main topics of negotiation was the agreement on the content of the
Memorandum of Cooperation. It is mentionable that the meeting was attended by Turkish
student of Academy of Education – Erdem Ergin (faculty of Law and Business
Management), who informed Turkish professors about the teaching and learning process in
our higher education institution. After the meeting with representatives of the University,
Georgian side became able to discuss with the people interested in doing business in
Georgia, making Turkish students to study in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia and also
with persons interested in legal issues.
The visit of Turkish side in "Academy of Education” (which will be held by the end of 2018)
was planned within the frame of meeting.
We are delighted to thank the Turkish side for organizing such fruitful meetings and
exemplary hospitality.
Administration of higher education institution “Academy of Education”