Chencellery and Human Resources Management


Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service Provision

Chapter I. General Provisions

  • Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service of Higher School” Education Academy ” (hereinafter – Education Institution) operates as the internal structural unit  and by the head of the administration are subject to the rector of the university;

1.2   Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service carries out its activities on the basis of legislation of Georgia  and provisions of the university;

1.3. Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service provides the organization, control and realization of office work, defines  the archive  functions and activities of the main directions,  also provides the university with staffing and promotion of personnel in the  field of career advancement;

2.1. Management of incoming and outgoing documents in time;

2.2. Correct paperwork of signing documents to be submitted in time;

2.3. Preparation of in accordance with terms and their control regulation;

2.4. Control and require the structural unit members of the University to carry out regulations of paperwork regulations

2.5. Demand the necessary information for office-work

2.6. Give back improperly prepared documents to the performer for final processing;

2.7. In case of breaching regulations and neglecting office-work to inform the Rector or administration to take administrative measures;

2.8. Service is obliged to improve quality of drafting and signing documents;

2.9. Cooperate with the administrative and academic staff;

2.10. To cooperate with the legal service connected with legal issues;

2.11. Provide formation and registration, control of the correctness of the documents to be transferred to the archive. To operate processing and use of expired documents;

2.12 Determine requirements on university staff;

2.13 Searching, selection, attraction of personnel and optimum layout of the workplace (in agreement of the academic staff with the faculties);

2.14 Create the normal internal environment for staff activities;

2.15 Preparation of conclusions on tactical and strategic issues of personnel management and    provide the report to the rector;

2.16 Preparation of labor contracts with personnel. Clarify parties’ interests and reflect them in labor agreements;

2.17 Formation of differential and flexible system of staff’s remuneration and material incentives;

2.18 Working out and rehabilitation of plans connected with development, training and career advance;

2.19 Implementation of unified system of staff management by use of modern information technology staff;

Chapter III Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service functions are:

  • recording and protection of documents kept in the university archive;
  • carries out the registration acts of acceptance of documents from structural units of the university;
  • fills reference description / catalogs archive cases kept in the archive (in the near future it will be established an electronic database for the archive service);
  • implements storage, copying and use of modern means in the work of the archive;

.no later than four years after the end of the proceedings, in the university establishes permanent and temporary storage of documents based on collection-descriptions;

  • according to kept the documents preparation and issue of the different nature certificates will be taken place within 5 days from submitting the application;
  • conduct equal, transparent, fair and open competition to complete the university with personnel;
  • Carries out office work of personnel files for purpose of the security of their data;
  • registers movement of all staff categories (including academic staff in agreement with the faculties) (appointment, transfer, dismissal) and submits it to Rector;
  • create and consumption of complete computer database of employed personnel;
  • preparation and submission of necessary documents connected with granting pensions for pension retirement age staff;• Military registration of employed personnel and guy students;
  • Conduct of marketing research in labour resources market and etc;

Chapter IV Structure and  rule of  Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service 

4.1 Service is one of the structural units of the university administration;

4.2. Office of Human Resources Management Service is guided by the service head that is     appointed / dismissed by Rector;

4.3. Head of the Service responsibilities are:

4.4 active participation in development of instructions and qualification requirements of the university personnel;

4.5 Demand individual structural units information on the employed personnel;

4.Make up staff development and training plans;

4.7 Submit to the heads of the structural units the proposals drawn up for consultation with employees, development, career advancement and disciplinary matters;

4.8 Conduct staff service (within its competence) on submitted questions, statements and proposals etc.  Also within its competence, vise the documents;

4.9 Head of Service conducts his/her activities of the university proceedings in a uniform manner.

Chapter V. Transitional Provisions

5.1 Chancellery and Human Resources Management Service guides office-work according to   university provisions;

5.2 Amendments and additions in the provision are made under the legislation of Georgia;

Chapter VI.  Final Provisions

Service reorganization and liquidation is made according to the legislation of Georgia;