Graduates Employment Center

Employment Center Regulation

Article 1.  General Regulations

1.1. The regulation of Higher School “Education Academy” (hereinafter – education institution) regulates the university employment center (hereinafter – Center) activities;

 1.2. The Service activities are guided by the laws of Georgia, by-laws statutory acts, the university charter and the Regulation;

1.3. The Service within its competence before the university rector and the head of the administration carries out the provided legislation as well as the obligations charged by the rector and head of the administration;

Article  2. The Objective of the Employment Center

 2.1. The objective of the Employment Centre is to ensure the effective communication between potential employers and students;

2.2. Assists students and graduates in their search for desirable jobs;

2.3. Ensures a partner and other organizations with competent personnel;

Article  3. Employment Center Functions 

 3.1. The implementation of such measures, which will enable students to make up summaries    correctly and develop interviewing skills;

3.2. Makes students and graduates CV base;

3.3. Assists students in participation of Internship Programs;

3.4. Gives information to students on a corresponding vacancy;

3.5. As an employer finds new partners and provides the partners with competent personnel if requested;

3.6 Organizes periodically employment forums and so on.

 Article  4. Structure of the center

4.1 The center is a structural unit of the university. The center is led by the head of the center, which is accountable to the university rector.

4.2 The head of the center is appointed and dismissed by the university rector.

 4.3 Head of the Center:

  1. a) Directs and manages the activities of the Center;
  2. b) Plans and performs major activities in communicating with the employer;
  3. c) Plans and organizes the employment forum, spreads information about the vacancies supplied by employers and delivers information to alumni;

Article 5 Transitional Regulations

Changes and amendments to the regulation implemented by the legislation of Georgia;

 Article 6. Final Regulations

The Service is reorganized or liquidated according to the legislation; of Georgia;