Logistic and Security Service

Logistics and Security Service Regulations

Chapter I. General Provisions

Chapter I. General Provisions

1.1. The regulation of Higher School “Academy of Education” (hereinafter – educational institution) adjusts the Logistics and Security Service (hereinafter – Service) activities;

1.2. Its activities are guided by the laws of Georgia, by-laws, the university regulations and this Regulation;

1.3. The Service is accountable within its competence to the head of the administration and the rector;

1.4. Educational institutions on the basis of the contract may be served by private security.

Chapter  II. Service activities sphere, the main tasks and functions

2.1. The main spheres of service:

Maintenance of order, property protection, ensuring of technical security and the purchases, based on their effective management the given Service makes normal labor and scientific work conditions of study and training for University students and personnel. Provides optimal regime of the university property   ownership and use, carries out material evaluation, registration and maintenance based on  the existing legislation;

2.2. The main objectives of Service are:

  • Organization of purchases;
  • Develop measures for improvement of the material-technical base;
  • Care of buildings, laboratories, a library, computer rooms and their equipment on a modern level;
  • Ensuring guard, fire prevention and property protection;
  • Purchase and supply of technical equipment, stationery, office furniture and other necessary items and products;
  • Storage and repair of material resources;
  • Cleaning of university and its surrounding area;
  • Providing protection of the university property;

2.3. Service within its competence has the right to carry out the following functions:

  • Ensuring organized carrying out construction, repair and reconstruction works and the preparation and submission of reports connected with these works;
  • Control of proper functioning on buildings, equipment, machinery, elevators, electricity, power equipment, lighting, heating, sewage and water supply, ventilation, underground communications and other systems;
  • Setting up and coordination work of electrical, plumbing, communications, boiler – house and other systems;
  • Supply the  university with structural units: materials,  utility and medical equipment; b
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the university buildings and material values;
  • In order to ensure the protection of the institution, the institution of registration or special permit without the right to enter into another;
  • It isn’t allowed to pass unfamiliar persons without registration or special admission in the territory of university;
  • Carry out measures to the disturbers of the university by law and regulations;
  • Carry out other activities that do not contradict the legislation of Georgia and the university regulations.