Students’ Spring Mobility of 2017-2018 Academic Year!

1. When should I register for mobility purposes?

Registration for the mobility procedures is available twice a year. The student mobility is announced at the end of fall and spring semesters within timelines approved by the NCEQE Director.

2. Who has the right to register on the electronic portal?

The right to register on the electronic portal can be enjoyed by any individual who is enrolled in a HEI through procedure, envisaged by law and who is registered as a student in HEI register.

A student will acquire the right to mobility after a year of study at the respective cycle of higher education, except for the students of the HEIs whose authorisation has been withdrawn. The period of suspension of student status shall not be counted towards study period.

3. Can a student with suspended or terminated student status enjoy the right to mobility?

A student, whose status has been terminated, has the right to enjoy mobility within a period of 12 months following the termination of the status. In case of revealing the data of a student with terminated status in the register of HEI the NCEQE has the right to request documents verifying the student’s status from the student or institution.

A student is entitled to exercise the right to mobility within a period of 5 years following the suspension of student status.

All the students who were stricken off/dropped out of the HEIs until 4 February 2010 are considered as persons with suspended student status and have the right to mobility for a period of ten years from the date of issuance of an order on striking off/ dropping out.

4. What should I do, if the data of an applicant for mobility is missing in the register?

If the student’s data is not registered in the register of educational institutions he/she should address the NCEQE;

The student’s identity card as well as the personal file (certified copies of school-leaving certificate, enrolment order, record card or orders on moving up in the next course and of striking off) should be submitted to the NCEQE.

5. How can I register as an applicant for mobility on the electronic portal?

With their eleven-digit personal numbers the students register as users on the electronic portal and can choose their passwords.

In case of detection of any discrepancies in the register, please, contact the HEI, where you are registered with.

6. How to register my choice?

The portal will display student vacancies by faculties and programmes available at the HEIs involved in the mobility process.

In order to register your choice, please, tick the faculty and programme and confirm your choice by clicking the “Registration” button.

An applicant has the right to choose maximum 5 educational programmes.

Pay attention to the definition of priorities! – Attach the first priority to the most desirable programme, than the second, third, etc.

Mobility applicants should register each of their choices separately. If you made a mistake the electronic portal allows you to edit the faculties and programmes of your choice for an unlimited number of times.

7. When is the mobility applicant’s choice deemed registered?

The mobility applicant’s choice is deemed registered as soon as s/he pays the mobility fee of GEL 40.

You can pay the above fee only after you have already selected the relevant option. Please use the following account details:

Bank of the Recipient – The State Treasury

Name of the Recipient – The Unified Account of the Treasury

Bank Code- TRESGE22

Account of the Recipient/Treasury Code -707637499 (fees for other unclassified goods and services sold pursuant to non-market regulations)

After payment is complete, and until the student registration expiration date, the electronic portal allows the mobility applicants to modify their applications – add or delete educational programmes, change the prioritization of selected programmes or cancel the applications.

8. Who shall be exempted from the mobility fee?

The following individuals shall be exempted from the payment of the mobility fee:

a) students whose educational institutions’ authorisation has been withdrawn;

b) students whose families are registered in the united database of socially unprotected families

and whose rating points do not exceed 70 000 during the period of their registration for the mobility procedures on the electronic portal.

9. In which cases are the students entitled to having their mobility registration fees refunded?

The mobility registration fees (GEL 40) are fully refunded to the student concerned:

a) If after the expiration date of registration for the mobility procedures the student fails to be registered on the electronic portal.

b) If the paid amount exceeds the fees envisaged for the mobility procedures the payer concerned shall receive the refund of excess amount paid.

The letter requesting the refund of the amount paid should be submitted within three months from the date of the payment. The paid amount is non-refundable after the end of this three-month period. Deadline extension or its renewal is inadmissible.

The fees are refunded within 10 business days from the written request of the person concerned.

10. How can I assess my enrolment chances?

In order to assess the mobility applicant’s chances of admission to the institution concerned the student should consider that

The portal displays minimal grade point needed to be enrolled for a specific programme according to first priority, which grade point is consistent with the lowest of the grade points of the applicants, the number of which equals to the number of student vacancies.

In order to be enrolled for a specific programme your grade point should be higher than the minimal grade point displayed on the portal.

Attention! – Data on minimal grade point is dynamic and may change upon the registration of new applicants for a specific programme.

Attention! – The right to mobility is granted according to priorities. The right to get enrolled will be, first of all, granted to applicants who specified the higher educational institution concerned as their first priority. The remaining vacancies will be distributed according to applications registered with the second, third, etc. priorities.

Attention! – Through mobility within the respective institution or between higher education institutions, students of master’s degree programs are eligible to enroll only in those educational programmes that correspond to the type of test passed by the students concerned during the Unified Post-graduate Exam.

11. The cases where the students might lose their government education grants due to the mobility procedures

1. Transfer of the government education grants as well as grants for Master’s Degree students to non-accredited educational programs of educational institutions is inadmissible.

2. Transfer of the partial grant or/and government education grant under the social programme to that specific educational programme which was financed exclusively under the full grant scheme for the year when the respective student received the partial grant or/and government education grant under the social program.

For students enrolled in 2011 and 2012 the following Directions or Fields/Specialties were financed under the full grant (100%) scheme:

a) Law;

b) Healthcare;

c) Business Administration (except Tourism);

d) Mass Media/Journalism;

e) International Relations;

f) Public governance.

If awarded partial grants when transferring to these programmes, the students who enrolled in the higher education institution concerned in 2011 and 2012, will not maintain their government education grants.

3. Grants for Master’s Degree students could be transferred to those programme directions where the students concerned were enrolled or to those programme directions that were among priorities for the grant award year.

12. Where Can I find the results of mobility?

Students (by means of their IDs and passwords) may check the list of persons gained with the right to mobility after publication of mobility results.

A HEI is entitled to set additional admission requirements for student mobility.

13. Is the HEI concerned entitled to set additional requirements for mobility?

A HEI is entitled to set additional admission requirements (exams, creative rounds, interviews, etc.) or set some limitations for admission to the respective educational programme (year of study, amount of credits, etc.).

Any additional requirements will be shown on the portal in “Note” column of the respective programme.

14. How to be enrolled in HEI through mobility procedure?

In case of acquiring the right to mobility according to portal data, the student, within timelines set by the HEI, should immediately address the HEI concerned with an application and copies of documents from student file.

Mobility is one of the universal rights of every student that should be exercised without any limitations.

The sending HEIs are prohibited from obstructing student mobility for any reason by not providing student concerned with copies of documents from student file.

15. How credits are recognized by the receiving institution?

The Decision on the recognition of credits accumulated by the mobility applicant concerned is made by the receiving HEI. Recognition of credits is performed based on the documents from student file submitted by the respective applicant.

Credits are subject to recognition if obtained in programmes where the student concerned was enrolled and studied in compliance with the regulation envisaged by the legislation.

Based on thorough examination, it is possible to identify the compliance between the study courses completed by the student concerned and envisaged by the receiving institution’s educational programme, notwithstanding certain differences in the course titles.

Recognition of specific courses that are not envisaged by the receiving institutions’ educational programmes is also possible.

It is important for students to get acquainted with information on the credits recognized by the receiving institution in order for them to act in their best interests – decline enrollment through mobility in writing or wait for the mobility orders and subsequent enrollment.

16. How to decline enrollment through mobility?

Students are entitled to decline enrollment through mobility by submitting a written request prior to the issuance of the enrollment order.