Information Technology Service

Information Technology Service Regulations

Chapter I. General Provisions

1.1. The regulation of Higher school “Academy of Education” (hereinafter – the institution) adjusts activities of the Information Technology Service (hereinafter – Service)

1.2. Information technology service is headed by Georgian legislation, by-laws, the university regulations and the Regulation;

1.3. Information technology service within its competences is accountable before the university rector and administration head and under the legislation also performs the duties obliged by the rector and administration head;

Chapter II. Information technology service activities sphere, the main tasks and functions;

2.1. The sphere of information technology service activities is the university (and its infrastructure) data informatization, computerization of training, human resources, finance, etc.

2.2. The objectives of Information Technology Service

  • Providing university with Internet service (Web services, e-mail);
  • Development of university network infrastructure (extension and services);
  • Providing University internal network services software;
  • Introduction and implementation of “Learning Process Management System” databases;
  • Implementation of integrated software systems;
  • In various disciplines implementation and development of electronic courses and distance training;
  • Development of computer cluster infrastructure;
  • Connection with Global scientific computer network;
  • Opening of the computer resource –center;
  • Ensuring work of information technology personnel and students’ independent work with computer;
  • Personnel computer training

2.3. The functions of the Information Technology Service:

  • Creation of the university web site  and its regular updates;
  • Creation of structural units of the university websites and daily updates;
  • Ensuring College staff with e-mail services;
  • Implementation of Learning Process Management System in the university faculties and its operational support;
  • Implementation of IC integrated software system;
  • Union of training, human resources and accounting databases;
  • Develop a typology of network infrastructure;
  • Network infrastructure development and modification;
  • Maintenance of network infrastructure software;
  • Ensuring the efficient operation of computer hardware;
  • Warranty repair of computer equipment monitoring;
  • Participation in the development projects of modern information technology;
  • System software and internet access with other colleges, universities and scientific organizations;
  • Carrying out cooperative global programs with computer centers;
  • Introduction and development of electronic courses and distance  training;
  • Carrying out other activities that do not contradict the legislation of Georgia, university regulations;

Chapter III. Structure and Management of Information Technology Service

3.1. Service is the organizational structure of the unit of university and it is led by the introduction of head of the Service;

3.2. Head of the Service shall be appointed and dismissed by the Rector submitting by the administration head;

3.3. Head of the Service:

  • Leads and manages the operation of the service;
  • He/she is responsible for the performance of the functions and tasks of the Service;
  • Under this  regulation, administration-legal acts of university and the legislation of Georgia he/she carries out other functions and tasks;

Chapter IV. Transitional Regulations

The amendments in the regulations is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Georgian; Work on of the tasks required to complete the full 2013-2014 school year to The approximate date on the full completion of  necessary work of the Service tasks  is  2013-2014  is the beginning of 2013-2014  academic year.

Chapter V.  Final Regulations

Service reorganization or liquidation is carried out under the legislation of Georgia, based on the university administrative – legal acts;