Learning process managing service

Head of The Educational Process Management


Zurab Lobjanidze

Contact Information:

e-mail: z.lobjanidze@acad.edu.ge / zurablobjanidze@mail.ru

Telephone: 593932297


UntitledCoordinator of the Training Division:

Natela Chikovani

contact information:

E-mail: n.chikovani@acad.edu.ge / natela.chikovani@yahoo.com

Phone: 577989802


Learning Process Learning Management Service Regulations

Article 1. General Regulations

  1. Ltd Higher School “Education Academy” (hereinafter – the institution) Learning process management service (hereinafter – Service) is a structural unit of the university.
  2. The service carries out its activities on the basis of Georgian law and the university’s current regulations;
  3. The service provides the management of the educational process within a certain competence;

Article 2. Field of activities, the main tasks and functions

  1. The goal of the service is the promotion of the learning process and conduct training of competitive specialists according to international standards
  2. For achievement of this purpose the service performs the following tasks:
  3. a) Runs for students’ personal files, students’ registration, according to the procedures and regulations of the institution and also carries out internal and external mobility measures,
  4. b) Ensures the students’ office-work of a portal and updating information regularly;c) Provides  a study of the students’ personal files, who wish transferring from other higher education institution   by mobility, an analysis of his/her enrollment, sends the information to the relevant structural unit about the students wishing the enrollment by mobility and defines the consistency/ inconsistency  of the educational program with the educational program which he/she has already taken;
  5. d) Provides applications for registration on chosen subjects by the students and keeps the saving rules;
  6. e) Provides a student-centered teaching methods of study;
  7. f) Provides issuance diploma / diplomas duplicates and certificates;
  1. g) Promotes the integration in international education space;
  2. h) Promotion of joint undergraduate programs implementation in cooperation with foreign and Georgia’s other colleges / universities;
  3. i) Organizational provision of students and academic staff mobility process;J) Organization of open day;
  4. k) Development of the correspondence received in the service;
  5. l) Informs the students on issues related to the educational process;
  6. m) Methodological and organizational provision of all level and exams;
  7. n) Learning process monitoring;Article 3. Service structure and leadership
  8. The office is managed by the Service Head, who is appointed and dismissed by the Rector;
  9. The service members are: Service Head and Service Coordinator;


  1. Service Head:
  2. a) Directs the service work;
  3. b) Defines the priorities and activities of the service and is responsible for their implementation;
  4. c) Runs the coordinator’s working process and gives him/her instructions and tasks; controls the training process monitoring;
  5. d) Promotes international and internal undergraduate curriculum implementation and enforcement;
  6. e) Within the competence participates in the drafting and  examination of documents for processing; Carries out control of  issuing of a diploma / diplomas duplicate and certificates; Controls the data base of the university staff and students, and is responsible for updating the database within  his/her competence;
  7. f) Within his/her competence cooperates with the relevant structures of Georgia’s and the foreign higher education institutions;
  8. g) Reviews documentation made by the service and for the purpose of decision presents it to a rector or director;
  9. h) Provides the protection of legality and confidentiality in service activity when required by law;
  10. i) Performs different tasks directed by the rector, director and service head and is obliged to report them.
  11. Learning Process Management Service Coordinator:
  12. a) Organizationally provides implementation of the learning process;
  13. b) Carries out monitoring of the training process and determines the appropriate protocol in the case of the revealed disorder; the gathered materials during monitoring presents to the service head for further response;
  14. c) Provides the administrative registration of the students enrolled by the National examinations and records them in student database (Registry);
  15. d) Maintain the university students’ database and is responsible for its updating within the competence of the Service; provides the control of student status stop-recovery in the student database (Registry);
  16. e) Ensures the office-work of the students’ personal card; their academic progress control (whether a student gathers the necessary semester credits);f) monitors students’ interim and final / repeat exams registration;
  17. g) Records lectures and seminars missed by the academic staff;
  18. h) Prepares term reports on the subject debts (prepare a list of the subjects, which is compulsory for the university students to be taken again and so on);
  19. i) Conveys all information to the web page connected with the training process;
  20. k) Participates in the measures for the purpose of adapting disable students in the learning process;
  21. j) Performs different tasks directed by the rector, director and service head and is obliged to report them.
  22. l) Service coordinator is appointed and dismissed by the Rector;Article 4. Transitional RegulationsThe provision of the amendments and additions is carried out in accordance in accordance with legislation.

    Article  5. Final Regulations

The reorganization and elimination of the service are carried out in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;