Georgian Language Institute

 Georgian Language Institute Provision

  • The acting of provisions 

This provision regulates activities of Georgian Language Institute of Higher Education Institution Ltd ‘Education Academy’ (hereinafter – institution), its operating mode, labor compensation, internal and external links, etc.

 1.2. The decision on establishment or abolishment of Georgian Language Institute/other administrative unit is made by university rector.

 1.3. Institute  goals:

  • Within its competence to provide the best conditions for training and methodological activities  in specialty / specialties, main fields as well as for both the students and the academic staff and  invited professors / teachers;
  • The purpose of the institute is  to ensure the proper functioning of a learning process, and training professional personnel within the specialties of  the faculty;
  • To promote the all-round activities in the field of training and consulting and expertise;
  • To develop cooperation with other educational institutions, scientific institutions;
  • The institute takes a duty on the basis of the liberal education principles to give students the best conditions for teaching and learning, to provide student’s academic freedom and give the chance to receive the knowledge corresponding to modern standards;
  • In case of successful completion of an educational program, graduates will be awarded the certificate.

1.4 Objectives of the institute

  • Creation of a student-centered learning environment with active cooperation with them and involving a student government representative in the decision process;
  • Management of the  teaching process, ensure its  regularly conduct;
  • To provide the educational programs development and in accordance with the new prospects and opportunities to develop new educational programs;
  • After the implementation of changes in the of the education program to provide the determination of training disciplines compliance between existing and  renovated educational programs and, if necessary, to draw up an individual learning plan for the student;
  • To provide the attraction of necessary human resources for regularly conducting the next academic semester;
  • Upon the completion of the semester to prepare the final version of academic staff and  invited lecturers’ working hours and hand over the Rector for further response;
  • To provide collection and check of training disciplines syllabi  and transmit them to the corresponding structural unit for further response;
  •  To ensure the timely retrieval and transmission of information required by students.

Chapter  II.   Institute Structure and Management  

 2.1. Institute Management 

  • Institute is academic structural unit of the institution, which carries out Georgian language educational program and provides the students’ training in this direction;
  • Basic units of Institute are:  Institute Dean’s Office, the academic direction – the program director and institute manager;
  • Faculty structure and provision, as well as the decision of the creation and abolishment of new units of faculty are developed by a dean and for approval are submitted to a rector.
  • In consent  with the university administration supervisor / director and rector   decides any issues related to financial resources attracted by  Institute and  other matters connected with the property of use being in its ownership;

2.2. Faculty Dean:

  • Dean heads institute learning activities;
  • Institute Dean is appointed and dismissed by the university rector;
  • Ensures the effective implementation of learning activities at the Institute;
  • Submits institute  strategic development plan and training / educational programs

to rector for review / approval;

  • Develops institute structure, provision and submits them to the university rector for approval;
  • Within its competence he/she is responsible for other employee’s activities of the Institute;
  • Develops a learning process organization  plan for  Institute and for review / approval submits to the rector;
  • Together with the head of the program defines number of hourly  payment for lectures conducting by invited professors and teachers  and submits for approval to the Rector;
  • Makes up a list of the registration academic disciplines for the next academic semester and submits to the relevant structural unit;
  • At the completion of the term registration makes up  the number of hours and days  net of the academic staff and invited teachers and submits to the rector for approval;
  • Before the start of the academic semester provides delivering of academic disciplines syllabi from academic staff and coordinates their check-evaluation and correction process.
  • Before the start of the semester, in a reasonable time dean is obliged to submit syllabi to Quality Assurance Service for review, on the basis of Quality Assurance Service recommendations to make correction in syllabi and before the start of the semester to submit them to the rector for approval.
  • In case of cancellation of an educational program to develop an action plan for the program for enrolled students in mentioned program for providing their further extension of studies according to the provision, the  enacted norms of the legislation of Georgia and the university legal acts.
  • After making changes in education program to develop an action plan for students enrolled in the noted program, to make accordance between old and new educational programs and, if necessary their transferring to individual education curriculum in accordance with the enacted norms of the legislation of Georgia and the university legal acts.
  • Within its competence, he/she is responsible to carry out rector’s administrative acts;
  • Dean may be terminated his/her authority; in the following cases:
  • If he/she does not want, can’t afford or do not have the right to perform the work;
  • In the other cases regarded by the legislation of Georgia;
  • Implements this Provision and other power granted to his/her by the legislation Georgia.

2.3. Dean and the head of the program functions are:

  • Development of new teaching programs and participation in approval of programs;
  • Proceeding from the specificity, the modification of the criteria for the evaluation of educational programs;
  • To provide the right use of ECTS
  • Maximum involvement of pedagogical team and students in Quality Assurance Service field;
  • Ensuring of academic staff development, offer of new methods;
  • Proceeding from the specificity of  faculty, modification of the basic methods of students’ assessment developed by Quality Assurance Service  and monitoring of correct use;
  • Modification of the learning process evaluation criteria;
  • Implementation of self-evaluation process;
  • Head of the program:
  • The academic direction of Technological Faculty is led by the  program head;
  • Program Manager is responsible for the content of the subjects of the training programs;
  • Program Manager is responsible for invited specialists’ selection together with the dean;
  • Program Manager may be terminated his/her power in the following cases:
  • If the program manager does not want or can’t afford or do not have the right to perform the work;
  • In the other cases regarded by the legislation of Georgia;
  • Decision on the program head’s appointment/ termination of authority is made by the Rector.

2.4    Manager 

  • Manager in coordination with the Learning Process Management Service  provides the conduction of the student’s personal proceedings;
  • Provids support / coordination work with faculty students;
  • According to the desire of students helps them in properly planning of learning process and receiving of necessary documents/certificates;
  • Gives students information about the administrative / academic terms of educational process;
  • Providing students’ active participation and involvement in a sporting, recreational, creative, intellectual events, competitions and other activities;
  • Manager helps students with the definition of their profiles, planning of the learning process and provides students with the necessary information connected with the improvement of the achievements. holds consultation on educational process;
  • The decision on Manager’s appointment/termination of authority is made by the Rector.

Chapter III.    Institute staff

 3.1. Institute staff structure:

  • Staff consists of: academic, administrative, and invited professors / teachers;
  • Academic positions: Professor; Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Assistant
  • Administrative positions: Dean, Head of direction and Manager.

Chapter  IV.  Funding Sources

 4.1. Funding of Faculty:  

  • The main source of funding is allocated from the university  budget;
  • Funds, donations, grants raised by Institute under the law.

4.2. Payment of Employees  

  • Academic and administrative staff salaries are appointed by the rector in agreement with the university Director of Administration according to the appropriate rates on the basis of concluded individual contracts with staff.

Chapter V Transitional Provisions

Introduction of amendments in the provision is carried out by the university rector’s order in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

 Chapter  VI. Final Provisions

Rector takes the decision of Institute reorganization or liquidation.