Quality Assurance Service

Quality Assurance Service

Quality Assurance Service Provisions

Chapter I. General Provisions

1.1. The present regulations of Higher School “Education Academy”(hereafter educational institution) regulates the university’s Quality Assurance Service (hereinafter – Service) activities;

1.2. Its activities are guided by the laws, by-laws, school regulations and the Regulation;

1.3. Job accountable within its competence, the rector;

  1. d) Service is approved by the university rector.

Article  2. The sphere of activities, the main tasks and functions

  1. The sphere of activities, the main tasks;
  2. a) Promotion of the quality of teaching improvement;

b)Evaluation of training activities and development of recommendations for its improvement;

  1. c) Organization of the assessment process for authorization and accreditation;
  2. d) Promotion of implementing of modern learning, teaching and assessment methods;
  3. e) Promotion of international cooperation in the common European education space.
  4. Service functions:
  5. a) Development of quality assurance mechanisms and procedures, assessment of a training rule;
  6. b) Cooperation with the related services of partner, and various colleges / universities for quality control of transparent criteria and methodology of their implementation;
  7. c) Participates in the university’s legal acts the development connected with the learning process, authorization and accreditation;
  8. d) Development of technical monitoring and criteria and indicators of academic examination educational programs;
  9. e) Organization of regular technical monitoring of educational program developed on the basis     criteria and indicators;
  10. f) Organization of periodic academic examination of educational programs in cooperation with experts;
  11. g) Presentation of recommendations to the heads of educational programs for the purpose of improving educational programs;
  12. h) Presentation of the recommendations to the faculties and rector without the technical monitoring and academic examination in the result of recommendation by an authorized institution practicing prices for the further improvement of the measures to be taken;
  13. i) Organization of the design of students’ questionnaire and on the basis of survey results  analysis the development of recommendations for the resolution of the problems;
  14. j) Review of written appeals connected with the recognition of students’ credits and working out of related recommendation towards to faculties’ administration;
  15. l) Organization of determination process of educational programs related to accreditation standards;
  16. m) Determination of the material-technical base with the authorization standards and presentation of recommendations to the rector connected with the compliance of material-technical base authorization with the authorization standards;
  17. n) The preparation of the necessary documentation for the self-assessment of questionnaire and authorization and annual reports’ of the self-evaluation accreditation;
  18. o) According to the regulation, realization of other authorities within his/her competence determined by Rector’s legal acts;

Article 3. Service Structure and Leadership

  1. Service is a structural unit of the university, headed by the chief of the department.
  2. Service head is appointed and dismissed by the rector.
  3. For service defined positions are: Service head of service manager.
  1. The Head of Service:
  2. a) Directs the operation of the service according to the university charter and service provision;
  3. b) Agrees to nominate the candidacy of the Service Manager towards to a presented candidate;
  4. c) Presents the service on carrying out his/her duties and is responsible for the functions of the service and achieving the objectives;
  5. d) Manages the development of short and long term work plans and their implementation;
  6. e) He/she is authorized to participate in the selection process of international exchange programs for students;
  7. f) Presents the university in consent with the rector, in relation with the third parties;
  8. g) Implements other duties determined by the university Regulations and this regulation and Georgia’s legislation;
  9. h) By the rector’s assignments carries out other duties;
  10. i) The service may have a service member which carries out his/her business without compensation, in the framework of the contract with the university.
  11. Service Manager
  12. a) Direct the operation of the service in accordance with the university charter and service provision;
  13. b) Helps the head of the service on implementation of duties and achieving the objectives determined by the service regulation;
  14. c) Under the direction of the service head realizes evaluation of questionnaire for authorization and prepares documents for self-evaluation of annual reports for accreditation;
  15. d) Service Manager is appointed and dismissed by the university rector.Article   Reorganization and liquidation of the service

Service is reorganized or liquidated in accordance with the legislation of Georgia

Article  5. The provisions of the amendments and rule of additions

Regulation Changes and additions are made under the legislation.